Men's Club

Hello men of The Greater Pittsburgh area.Welcome to this hot video club of Pittsburgh.We are guys into edging on our webcams and meeting each other before and after the real-time jackoff.      We talk about our favorite masturbation toys, and our mutual masturbation experiences.     Do guys talk  to each other about masturbation? You may ask,well all the time in DBJ/video chat-room.    So join the chat and meet other local guys,real time and see them first on Daburghjacks.  To enter ,if new just register with a cool nickname that saids your locale and choose a password.If been here before enter username and password.Please say Hi, kinda rude and against chat ettiquette to just come in and sit there and stare.   You dont need a webcam to join the chat or the veiw another guys webcam image.   So climb down below and get ready to get your freak on with a guy that maybe just a few blocks or miles away!Or talk with men about the monthly mutual masturbation meetings.KEEP JACKIN!

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